Skypark Business Center


Skypark Business Center




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Located in Findel, Luxembourg, the Skypark Business Center (SBC) is situated within the Niederanven municipality adjacent to the Luxembourg Airport and is one of the key elements of the Airport City Masterplan.


The building comprised of timber in its upper structures, bridges and slabs features a long and slim footprint covering an area of ca. 19,000 m2. SBC makes full use of the allowed maximum building height of 30.5 m across seven floors, and is based on an ideal office bar typology measuring 17 m in width. Instead of one single zig-zag volume, as envisioned in the masterplan, BIG’s design consists of two stacked and rotated zig-zagging bars.

The design  creates numerous outdoor spaces, exciting views from all angles, as well as highly flexible interior spaces. The entire volume forms an undulating wall in elevation, effectively performing as an acoustic barrier for the public space and further buildings in the Airport City.


SBC can be perceived as a sequence of distinct volumes, from the base up: the mineral parking plinth, the fully-glazed transparent and permeable ground floor, and the lower and upper rotated copper snaking across the different levels.


The rotation of the office volumes is central to the design concept, creating fantastic sculptural views from every angle while maximizing outdoor spaces. Green terraces are accessible every 50 meters, while intimate courtyards welcome visitors from along the main road.

The thin volume of the office bars allows every user to have an unobstructed view towards either the Luxembourg Airport’s runway or the Grand Ducal Golf Course. There are no dead corners within SBC; whenever the ‘snake’ turns, corners are softened and rounded to provide panoramic views and to resonate with the rest of the buildings in the masterplan.


This poetic play with the meandering volumes is combined with an efficient and flexible office layout. All cores are placed in the building sections where the two “snakes” overlap, enabling direct elevator access for every tenant.


A flexible system of continuous office floorplates makes it very simple to divide and subdivide the leasable area in order to cater to the needs of any tenant. Arriving on the northern side, generous, well-lit courtyards with lush front gardens welcome the visitor. Entering through a double door pill-portal, visitors access the permeable ground floor’s inner passage known as the Grande Galerie.


Located in the spine of the building, the spacious passage below the intertwining office volumes connects all cores, flanked on both sides with alternating programs such as restaurants, a fitness studio or retail. From here, one can step out onto the southern courtyards to enjoy the gardens and take in the unique view of the 4 km long runway.


At the east end, the ground floor enclosed by a lightweight canopy seamlessly connects Terminal A with the departure level. Here, visitors can also enjoy lunch or relax on the landscaped plaza.


On floor B1, travelers can pick up their vehicle from the car rental/valet service located in the connection bridge within minutes of arriving in Terminal A, and drive off directly with the utmost convenience. On the western end, the upper “snake” is extended and cantilevered out to provide shelter and shade, whilst simultaneously creating a striking symbolic entrance gesture to the Airport City for everyone coming from the Luxembourg city center.


The final design is a performative office building with three different levels of roof gardens, providing users with abundant opportunities to enjoy unique views and be surrounded by lush greenery.


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Jean Schmidt Engineering
Les Eclaireurs
Phoenix Consult
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